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Marketing your small business can be                              and frustrating.


let's fix that

Marketing your small business can be overwhelming and frustrating.

Without a clear strategy, you waste time wondering:

What do I say on social media and my website?
How do I use email marketing effectively?
How can I gain the attention of my target audience?
Why aren’t my followers converting to paying clients?
Where should I invest my energy to see results?

With just one Strategy Session we will resolve these questions.

Together, we can get your marketing 


Together, we can get your marketing 


the right clients

your value



with your target audience

we will:

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But what happens when you can’t gain the attention of the clients you really want to serve—the ones willing to pay you what you’re worth? Cue frustration and overwhelm, yeah? The right marketing strategy can fix that. As a former journalist and social media strategist, I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs communicate their value, connect with the right clients and gain confidence and clarity in their approach to marketing. I can help you, too. 

Running our own businesses comes with a lot of perks; we get to pursue our true passion, set our own schedule, and build the lifestyle we desire for ourselves and our families. 

(it’s like Renee, but with a T)

Hi, I’m Tahnée!

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Get Your Marketing Sorted

Attract the Right Clients

We’ll pick the service that solves your needs.

Together we’ll make a plan to hit your marketing goals.

Watch your marketing efforts attract your kind of people.

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Eliminate      guesswork

Eliminate the guesswork

Tahnée has been an invaluable contributor to my team at Once Wed and If I Made

Founder, Once Wed and If I Made

Emily Newman

Her ability to help us take big ideas, break them down into actionable steps, and transform them into real products has been instrumental in our success.

As an entrepreneur our head is always filled with new ideas but we often get overwhelmed... 

Owner PMPA, Morgan Media

Stacey Morgan

Tahnée was able to take all the ideas and overwhelm out of my head and create practical marketing projects I was able to implement. She's a dream to work with.

I’d tried two other marketing people.

Ask Jason Knight

Jason Knight

Neither provided the value Tahnée gave me in just our first 30 minutes together. I highly recommend her services.

...being in Tahnée’s group coaching program made me feel like I was a part of something. 

Owner + Creative Director, Created Lovely

Nicole Sihlis

The consistency of the program also helped hold me accountable in my marketing and implementing the tips we were learning. Tahnée has a huge amount of knowledge to share—I had many ah-ha moments learning from her.

Tahnée’s marketing strategy helped double our average client spend in just 12 months.

Owner + Creative Director, Celsia Floral

Johanna Siu

We had a vision for the type of client we wanted to attract, but we weren’t reaching them. Tahnée came along and helped us elevate our online presence via web and social media. Investing in her was worth every cent.

I had written and re-written my website copy a thousand times and it still didn’t feel right...

Founder, Notebox NY

Larissa Scott

Tahnée jumped in with her strategic eye and wordsmithing capabilities, offering me an immense amount of clarity and reassurance and completely elevating my website experience. She is an incredible coach and visionary!

Effective marketing doesn’t need to be complicated or cost you thousands.


One-on-one coaching

tailored specifically to your needs. Consider this your ask-me-anything session.

Whatever the pain points you’re battling through, or the big idea you can’t seem to shake (because it’s probably a great one), we’ll tackle that together and make a plan in an initial 2-Hour Strategy Session.

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Done-in-a-day COPYWRITING

fast and effective copy

to take care of all the places you need the right words to market your business.

Whether it’s website copywriting, email sequences, landing pages, social media content, blog writing or other marketing collateral, I’ll take care of it in a half day or full day copywriting booking.

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Dedicated time every month

to prioritise the marketing actions that will grow your business. 

Surround yourself with fellow entrepreneurs looking to level up in marketing. We’ll meet online each month where I’ll lead us through a marketing workshop and answer all of your questions.

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ChatGPT Masterclass

ChatGPT Mastery

Unlock ChatGPT's full potential for targeted content creation in this 90-minute Masterclass.

A Masterclass, where you will learn the optimal use of ChatGPT for marketing, saving hours monthly. With just a free ChatGPT account, I guide you through each step and prompt. Follow along to master content creation that engages your target audience, guaranteed.

start learning now

Targeted marketing advice to achieve maximum impact for your business.


Together, we’ll say goodbye to your marketing overwhelm.

Discover the best marketing platforms for your business. Learn where to invest your energy to see real results.
Have an achievable marketing plan you feel confident about. 

Discover the best marketing platforms for your business.

Learn where to invest your energy to see real results.

Have an achievable marketing plan you feel confident about. 

As a fellow small business owner, I get it. 

You’re willing to invest in the right expertise…

But not if it means walking away with another dust-collecting document you still have no time to execute! That’s why I believe in providing real-world marketing strategies you’ll have the resources to implement. I want to give you ideas you can action even when life gets busy, kids get sick and client work takes over. You deserve to connect with the right clients willing to pay you what you’re worth. Let’s chat about making that happen. 

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