10 ways to use AI in your marketing

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10 ways to use AI in your marketing

The other day, my 6-year-old daughter, Lydia, approached me excitedly and asked if we could pen down her Santa list. Mind you, it was early August, and no, I hadn’t been using Santa as a bargaining chip! I was baffled by the sudden request, but her enthusiasm was infectious. So, we sat down, and as […]

Marketing Strategy

The power of anticipation in marketing

“I’m overwhelmed with marketing my business and I don’t know where to invest my effort to see results.”  This is the most common sentiment that lands in my inbox.  My reply? Let’s start with a Strategy Session.  It’s 2 hours in length, 100% customised to your needs, and essentially a big “ask me anything” to […]

Business Strategy

Inside a client’s Strategy Session

Ever heard marketers talk about “social proof”?  Social proof is about people being more likely to do something that many others have already done before them. It is based on the principle that if many people are doing something, it must be the right or desirable thing to do.  (You might have heard it also […]

Marketing Strategy

How to use social proof in marketing

Want to know how you can apply marketing techniques used by big companies like Coca Cola, Microsoft and PayPal without it costing you a cent?  NEUROMARKETING.  “Say what now?” Don’t worry, I’ll explain.  At its core, neuromarketing delves into the human brain’s reactions to various marketing stimuli. By monitoring brain waves, eye movements, and facial […]

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Neuromarketing for small business

Ever been told a secret marketing hack that sounds too simple to be true? Well, here it is: Rinse and repeat. Yes, you read that right. Rinse and repeat! Every time I share this with a client, their reaction is almost always the same: “But I’ve already shared that!”  “I only post when I have […]

Social Media

The easiest social media marketing hack

Not getting enough inquiries in your business? → It might be because your ideal clients don’t understand how you can help them solve their current problems or challenges.  So how do we fix this? The answer is through understanding your client’s PAIN POINTS. (Yes… they will always have more than 1 pain point.)   When it […]

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What are your client’s pain points?

Branding | Marketing | Messaging | Ever wondered how they all work together?  First up → The explanations.  Branding: Impacts how someone feels about your business. (First impression!) Messaging: What you say, how, and to who. It’s knowing what your brand stands for and how you serve people / help them solve a problem. It’s […]

Marketing Strategy

Branding | Messaging | Marketing

Are you tired of the #beauthentic message when it comes to marketing?  The hashtag itself feels like a trend circa 2016 or so…. Right?  Personally, I don’t like the idea that being authentic in your marketing is a “trend” you have to embrace. Even the word “authentic” has begun feeling a little icky to me, […]

Marketing Strategy

Genuine v Authentic Marketing

Inside my Marketing Matters Accountability Groups we were recently joined by the fabulous Emma of Gem Socials for a round of social media Myth Busters and I think our minds were collectively blown with some of the insights Emma shared!  So much so, that I had to share a few of them with you!  MYTH: […]

Social Media

Myth Busters: Social Media Edition

When it comes to introducing yourself to your audience, the name of the game is to help your ideal client begin to know, like and trust you.  To do so, we need to communicate who we are with empathy and authority.  We need to acknowledge:  → Language (written words) can help us show empathy and […]


10 ways to establish your authority

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