10 ways to use AI in your marketing

When did you last update your Instagram bio?

Here’s 5 Quick Tips tips to add value to your profile.


10 ways to use AI in your marketing

The easiest way to justify price is through process. If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll have heard or read that statement from me more times than you can recall. And my response to that is — GREAT! Because it’s IMPORTANT. (Repetition is your friend, remember!)  For those with “visual” businesses, like artists, designers, florists, […]

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How to demonstrate a “boring” process in your marketing

If you are having trouble connecting with your ideal client, it might be because you’re making the mistake of playing the hero.  Your ideal client doesn’t need you to be their hero. Your ideal client needs a guide with the tools, knowledge, expertise and confidence to help them overcome their challenges.  Why? Because the reason […]

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Be your customer’s guide. (Not their hero)

A really common pain point I hear from small business owners is the struggle to connect with their ideal client. I know how hard it is, especially in a world where everyone’s attention is being pulled in multiple directions. But there is something you can do to improve your connection with your ideal client, and […]

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Know THIS about your target audience

If you want to increase your reach on social media, there are 3 metrics you need to pay close attention to.  🚀Not all metrics are created equal. 🚀 I always say first and foremost: The metrics that matter are the ones aligned with your business goals.  If one of your goals happens to be to […]

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These metrics matter

When discussing pricing with potential clients, the term “sticker shock” often comes up. It’s that immediate, gut reaction clients have when they see the price of your service for the first time. This reaction stems from their preconceived notion of the value of your service and how your pricing aligns with that perception. The root […]

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This is how to avoid pricing “sticker shock”

Is your engagement on your social media content down? I’ve got something that can help.  There’s nothing more frustrating than putting so much energy into your content only to post it and…. CRICKETS.  If only people would actually engage with what you’ve created! But let me ask…. Do you engage when you’re using social media? […]

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10 Calls To Action to boost engagement

If you’ve ever caught yourself thinking “No one ever opens my email newsletters. What’s the point of sending them?” this blog is for you.  I know how annoying it feels to spend time writing an email newsletter that it feels like no one ever reads. Before you’re too hard on yourself, it’s worth noting that […]

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HOW TO: Boost your email open rates

If you’ve ever wondered what a copywriter really does and whether they could benefit your business, you’re not alone! So I’m here to give you the answers.  At its core, copywriting is the art of crafting compelling words that resonate with your audience, driving them to take desired actions. But let’s dive deeper. What is […]


What does a copywriter do exactly?

Your brand identity is more than just a logo or a catchy slogan. It’s the essence of your business, the tone you set, and the message you convey. It’s how your business is portrayed to your ideal clients.  While elements like your logo, typography, colour palette and style of imagery are all components of your […]

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How to educate AI to understand your brand voice

One of the first things a visitor sees when they land on your Instagram profile is your bio. So, how can you make sure it’s not only reflective of your brand but also optimised for discoverability? Let’s dive in! Did you know SEO applies to your Instagram bio, just like it does your website?  Yep! […]

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How to optimise your Instagram bio

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