How to optimise your Instagram bio

When did you last update your Instagram bio?

Here’s 5 Quick Tips tips to add value to your profile.


How to optimise your Instagram bio

You can succeed. With a small following. You might have heard of Kevin Kelly’s concept of 1000 True Fans, the idea that if you can get 1000 people to support you by buying $100 worth of what you create every year, you could earn an income of $100,000 a year. It’s a very simple concept […]

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How to succeed with a small following

Social Media Strategy
Marketing Strategy

I’ve lost count of the number of clients who’ve come to me feeling defeated and/or overwhelmed because they’ve been presented with an idealwordl Marketing Strategy that is completely out of touch with their realworld life. “I can’t afford to execute this!”“I don’t have the resources to create this amount of content!”“I struggle to show up […]

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Creating a realistic marketing strategy

Do you become emotionally overwhelmed any time you attempt to sit down and work on marketing for your business? Do you catch yourself: Saving trending audio for Reels instead of actually *making* one. Rearranging photos in Planoly but not writing any captions to go with them. Creating new graphic templates in Canva. Recording videos for […]

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How to deal with marketing overwhelm

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If you want to boost your engagement and help new followers find you—and Instagram is your predominant social media platform for business—then Reels have to be a part of your marketing strategy. And they don’t have to be scary….

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Are you avoiding Instagram Reels

A customer’s lifetime value is how much they are worth to your business (ie. what they will spend) over the whole period of their relationship with you. This obviously differs significantly depending on whether you offer a one-time service (like a wedding planner), repeat service (like a hairdresser), sell a perishable product (like flowers) or […]

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Understanding the lifetime value of a customer

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Are you guilty of “random acts of social”? Do you post to your social platforms sporadically, without any set plan? Are you scared of repeating yourself?

Social media habits like this are common, but they’re also the reason your ideal client isn’t interacting with you and taking the next step from being a “follower” to an engaged (and hopefully *paying*) customer or client.

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How to build trust and earn attention

Here’s 3 tips to help you get your website copy sorted if you can’t afford to hire a copywriter.


3 Tips to write website copy

Testimonials matter. And before you ask, YEP, people read them. It all comes down to getting the RIGHT testimonials.
So what’s a “good” testimonial? And how can you get them for your business?

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Why you need testimonials

Today marked the final online workshop of my 6-month group coaching program, Marketing Masters.

This program was uniquely designed for established business owners who were already nailing their Instagram game but wanted to level-up in their marketing in other areas. Here’s what we achieved together.

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Group Coaching Success

Don’t talk about what you know and what you do. Try this instead.

Tell me HOW what you know and what you do is → the ANSWER to the problem I need to solve or the change I want to make.

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How can you help your ideal client?