How to optimise your Instagram bio

When did you last update your Instagram bio?

Here’s 5 Quick Tips tips to add value to your profile.


How to optimise your Instagram bio

Just getting started with social media for business and don’t know where to start?  Here’s 3 steps to help you get started on your social media marketing adventure with a solid (and achievable) action plan.  STEP 1: Identify your target audience and their social media habits. STEP 2: Determine your goals What are you wanting […]

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New to marketing? Start here.

Working on your website? A great website starts with a great header.  Here are 3 things every website header must include.  👀 Your header is the first thing people see when landing on your site. They will decide in 3-5 seconds whether they want to scroll on, or leave.  Your header has to do the […]


Website Header Must Haves

🥂What is “champagne” content, you ask? 🥂 Champagne content is what I call content that resonates most strongly—and repeatedly—with your ideal client. It’s usually also the content you find fun and *easy(er)* to make. No surprise that your audience can sense the content you love to create, right?! 😉🤭 Here’s 3 great metrics to help […]

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Discover your “champagne” content

How do you make people CURIOUS about your brand? How can you ENLIGHTEN them as to how you could help them?  → With a great one-liner.  A one-liner is like your elevator pitch. It’s the short and sharp answer you give in response to the question “What do you do?”; a simple statement you use […]


HOW TO: Communicate your value

Let’s talk about “Unnecessary Marketing”… Are you doing it?  Unnecessary marketing is the marketing you do because you think you SHOULD—not because it’s tied to any business goal.  → It’s the Reel you sit on the couch making at night because you haven’t posted a Reel lately and you don’t want the algorithm to forget […]

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Are you wasting time on unnecessary marketing?

“You need to get your messaging sorted.” Ever received this piece of feedback and wondered what in the world it meant? Let’s discuss! MESSAGING → What you say, how, and to who. It’s knowing what your brand stands for.  MARKETING → Where you say it.  Now that’s an overly simplistic definition, yet it’s all you […]

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Marketing v Messaging. What’s the difference?

Wondering how we can work together? Thanks for asking! 😉  I have 3 core services that I offer:  ✔️Strategy Sessions: 2 hours together, just you and I, to get your marketing sorted.  One-to-one support (you can ask me anything! ) to help get your marketing sorted. Perhaps you’re struggling to generate inquiries and bookings from […]

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HOW TO: 3 Ways to work with me

How do you know when it’s time to increase your prices?  Here are 5 Signs it could be time to increase your prices:  And always, remember this: Your pricing should be based on your knowledge, experience and the quality of your product or service. It should NOT be based on someone else’s perception of your […]


5 Signs it’s time to increase your pricing.

When I say “LinkedIn is a great marketing tool”, I’m going to guess you roll your eyes and think one (or all!) of the following… Did I read your mind?! Hehe.  I was having a conversation with my monthly marketing accountability group, Marketing Matters, about diversifying our social media platforms of choice, and the question […]

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Should I be using LinkedIn?

Ever wondered why you should consider Pinterest as a marketing tool?  Members of my marketing accountability program, Marketing Matters, recently had the opportunity to learn all about how to optimise Pinterest thanks to the expertise of our guest presenter and Pinterest whiz, Annaliese Naomi. Far more than a place to collect inspiration (and plan your […]

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Pinterest Marketing 101