Stuck for social media content ideas?  Grab a piece of paper and jot down answers to these 3 questions about your ideal client? What do they desire? (Creativity, reassurance, peace of mind, connection, status, community, security) What are they struggling with? (What would they love to find a solution to?) How do they want to […]

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3 Tips when you’re stuck for content ideas

marketing strategy

If I was to ask you: “What’s the primary goal of your website?” Would you say words to the effect of “To help people find my business?” If you answered YES, you’re not alone in thinking that. It’s a commonly-held belief that our websites exist so when people do a Google search on our particular […]

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What’s the real purpose of your website?

What does it actually mean to “communicate your value” in your marketing?  Let’s start by talking about what it is NOT.  It’s not a sales pitch.  It’s not an empty marketing catch phrase. It’s not a topic to put in the “too hard” basket! I believe communicating your value is about using your expertise to […]

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How to communicate your value in marketing

The Strategy Studio

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know I regularly talk about the difference between the “real world” and the “ideal world”.  I wholeheartedly believe that as entrepreneurs, we need to be hearing more strategies that work in the “real world”… You know, the one where you don’t have entire teams behind you […]

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A realistic approach to marketing

A common sentiment I’m hearing from clients lately is the frustration around not being able to afford paid ads—and the feeling that without paid ads, they’re never going to succeed in business.  I have 3 big thoughts on this.  1. Just because you buy an impression, doesn’t mean you make one. Throwing $1000 of $10,000 […]

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What if I can’t afford paid ads?

Social media juggling act

Finding the motivation to keep marketing your small business can be exhausting, right?  → Every time you open Instagram there’s a new “trend” you’re meant to be on top of.  → You’re wondering how on earth you’re meant to use email marketing to book more clients. → Paid Ads feel like a total mystery to […]

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Group coaching is BACK!

I’m coming at you with a very quick and easy win this week: Welcoming new followers.  What do I mean? Quite literally, sending a personal message to any new person (aka potential lead) that hits the follow button for your business on social media. It could look something like this:  Hey {person’s name}  Thanks for […]

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A 2-minute marketing strategy you can do today

Social media strategy
Marketing Strategy

I’ve lost count of the number of clients who’ve come to me feeling defeated and/or overwhelmed because they’ve been presented with an idealwordl Marketing Strategy that is completely out of touch with their realworld life. “I can’t afford to execute this!”“I don’t have the resources to create this amount of content!”“I struggle to show up […]

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Creating a realistic marketing strategy

Do you become emotionally overwhelmed any time you attempt to sit down and work on marketing for your business? Do you catch yourself: Saving trending audio for Reels instead of actually *making* one. Rearranging photos in Planoly but not writing any captions to go with them. Creating new graphic templates in Canva. Recording videos for […]

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How to deal with marketing overwhelm

Marketing strategy

Are you guilty of “random acts of social”? Do you post to your social platforms sporadically, without any set plan? Are you scared of repeating yourself?

Social media habits like this are common, but they’re also the reason your ideal client isn’t interacting with you and taking the next step from being a “follower” to an engaged (and hopefully *paying*) customer or client.

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How to build trust and earn attention