It feels like every marketing “guru” on social media at the moment is trying to teach you “how to create content that will go viral”. I can hand-on-my-heart say that is one piece of advice you will NEVER find me giving. That’s because going viral shouldn’t be your goal.  Here’s 3 reasons why.  Your focus […]

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Why “going viral” shouldn’t be your goal. 

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Social media juggling act

So you’ve spent hours creating business-related content for social media, only to get a handful of likes.  You then throw your hands in the air and, out of frustration, post a cute kid or dog video and see your highest engagement in months.  At this point you’re wondering two things:  What does this all mean?  […]

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When you’re ready to give up on social media…

You can succeed. With a small following. You might have heard of Kevin Kelly’s concept of 1000 True Fans, the idea that if you can get 1000 people to support you by buying $100 worth of what you create every year, you could earn an income of $100,000 a year. It’s a very simple concept […]

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How to succeed with a small following

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If you want to boost your engagement and help new followers find you—and Instagram is your predominant social media platform for business—then Reels have to be a part of your marketing strategy. And they don’t have to be scary….

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Are you avoiding Instagram Reels

Do hashtags still matter? Which hashtags should I use? How many hashtags is too many? Let’s answer all of those questions for you, shall we?

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Do hashtags still matter?


What does it mean if people are regularly “saving” my posts?

The “SAVED” Instagram metric is for posts that people have saved into their private Instagram collection.

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What “saved posts” means on Instagram

When did you last update your Instagram bio?
Here’s 5 Quick Tips tips to add value to your profile.

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How to optimise your Instagram bio

Did you hear about Instagram’s plans to return the chronological feed next year? Here’s what we know so far, and what you can start thinking about.

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The return of the IG chronological feed

What metrics matter on social media?

The short answer is different metrics matter depending on your goals.

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Which social media metrics matter

Are you guilty of “random acts of social”? Do you post to your social platforms sporadically, without any set plan? Do you fear repetition so only post when you have something “fresh” to show and share? These type of social media habits are really common but they’re also the reason your ideal client isn’t interacting with you.

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Why “random acts of social” don’t work